Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The fear of Criticism from Think and Grow Rich

#2 The fear of Criticism

summarized from Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

"Most people are at least very uncomfortable when criticized."

"This fear robs people of their:

  • initiative;

  • destroys their power of imagination;

  • limits their individuality;

  • takes away their self-reliance
  • and does them damage in hundred other ways."

"One’s nearest relatives are often the worst offenders."

"It should be recognized as a crime…for any parent to build inferiority complexes in the mind of a child through unnecessary criticism."

"Employers who understand human nature get the best there is out of people not by criticism but by constructive suggestion."

"Parents may accomplish the same results with their children."

"Criticism will plant fear or resentment in the human heart but it will not build love or affection."

...the fear of ill health should be covered next if my maths serves me right.

- Musawenkosi Tshoaele


kimberly said...

Criticism is not all bad though. It depends on how one critises, that has a major impact on a person.Positive criticism shows you your mistakes and gives you a sense of direction.That is the kind of criticism that I like to use and yes,I use it because I'm your girlfriend :-).Building love and affection with you is of high importance to me.I also want you to gain more confidence in yourself so that you can step out of your comfort zone.Ng'gcwele wena my strawberry ;-)

Musa23 said...

Lol! Thanx Thube'. It's unfortunate but some people think low of their selves.

A state of mind they are so comfortable with that when they see someone contradict their masochistic way of life they retort in the form of critiscism.

In the attempt of bringing down the "wealth/success seeker" down to their level, when he or she is attempting to rise up to his/her true birthright level.

...i will write a post to explain it better.