Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Message To A Grieving Heart

He said something about "the spirit having become so full it needs to express itself outside the limits of the body.

It thus leaves it, the body that is." made me think.

We went to go send our condolences to the fam' today [3 December].

"We" being me and the colleagues at work.

Needed to express my grief in words wrapped with love.

In between hymns I let my mind go blank and cleared my mind of all doubt and insecurities so that God can work through me so to deliver a message I guess.

It went something about how that which the late has contributed in our lives we must cultivate and grow so to give to the next person.

In the name of love, because allowing the anger of how he died will result in promoting such fears which will in turn result in those fears returning back to the sender.

A situation that is not advisable during such times of grief.

So we must let our heart soften so to generate all the support, the hope, the compassion, the hope that love sponsors.

Think I needed to tell the family that.

I feel good now.

In order to move on, I had to let go.

'Cause the longer I hold on, the more it's gonna hurt because what you resist, persists.

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