Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Emotion Of TRUE Desire

Why would I want something, I ask myself, while holding on to emotions of its absence? The answer to question can to me in the form of: maybe it’s something I learnt that as a kid. Something I carried with me to my adulthood. When I wanted something, realising I didn’t have it at that moment, I, usually, cried for it until I got it.

So maybe I learnt as a child that desire is that feeling of lack. And if I feel that feeling of lack long enough, maybe even complaining about it, and hanging with other people who complained about not having it, so not to feel left out maybe, one day someone would give it to me.

For me, the problem I had with that is that there comes a point where, as I am complaining, I feel like I am struggling to get what I want. I am certain you too were sold this idea of “having to struggle for what you want in order for you to get it.”

Well, for me I didn’t much like the feelings of sadness, despair & frustration, to name a FEW, that came with the chosen act of what I would call negative desire. I mean surely there is an easier way of succeeding?

And there was...

There was a lady I used to work with, at Alberton which is a suburb south of Johannesburg, inland, now she works in a better job position, with the obvious pay raise that comes with it, with an office facing the ocean. And all she did was have a journal with her where she writes out what she wanted in life, but instead of feeling resentment for now having what she wanted at that moment, she focused on the feelings she would have once she received what she wanted, and feelings THOSE “future feelings,” if you way, in the now.

She was feeling the feelings she would feel, in the now, once she received the thing she was wanting.

And so being in that positive feeling place she knew that things where turning to her favour, through faith – it happens, this faith, when one repeats to the mind an idea over and over and over again until the mind sees it as fact, which led to her coming across a job ad that was exactly what she wanted, which she applied for. This led to an interview, which she waltz through, & now she has the job, the money, and the work environment she desired. I mean REALLY desired, I am not talking about the feeling of lack you might call desire. I am referring to true desire.

Feeling Good As You Desire.

So let’s recap, she continuously wrote down what she wanted, cultivating the feeling of having already received it. Then ways of getting closer to what she desired revealed themselves, and all she did was act on them - keeping in mind to not jinx the momentum by doubting whether she will ever getting the thing she wanted because, with faith, says KNOWS she will receive her desire, and now she is living a working life she literally designed by intent.

I find this way of receiving way better than “struggling just like everybody else” in getting the things we want in our lives.

And apparently she got the inspiration of this manifesting technique from reading a Dr. Joe Vitale book Spiritual Marketing: A Proven 5-Step Formula for Easily Creating Wealth from the Inside Out.

Vitale, it seems, writes a lot, and I do mean A LOT, about things that have to do with manifesting the things we want & what & how we could do away with the things that block us from getting them. With a history from starting from nothing to the undisputed success he is today, he is worth checking out.

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