Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Law of Attraction & Resistance

I’m an inquisitive guy who doesn’t mind doing research on things I want to know of & thanks to the Internet, Google in particular, searching for stuff on the net is like a past time of mine.

Have you noticed how when you Google something and the results pop up, all 100,000 plus of them, critical analysis of them could eventually make you an expert , self proclaimed of course, of, let’s say, The Law of Attraction for example.

The Law of Attraction says: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”

There’s a more extended explanation to the above but in short it means whatever you think about you attract to yourself, good or bad.

If you add emotion (feelings like love, happiness, joy, laughter, etc or fear, hatred, revenge, anger, etc for example) to whatever it is you are thinking about, it makes happen even faster. The pull towards you gets accelerated.

So would now you would understand why for me the saying “You can achieve whatever you want to achieve” would be linked to this undisputed Law of Attraction.

Maybe I’m delusional into thinking, excuse the pun, such a “Law of Attraction” could exist, but if you are still reading come play along with me for a while longer and through in the kryptonite to my theory that in “what about all the things that I want in life, things i think about, think about a lot, that haven’t come in to me?”

If what I say is true then everything that I think about should come true, but it hasn’t, what say you about that?

Simple: You are doing something that is not allowing in. You are resisting it.

All negative feeling thoughts, which in turns lead us speaking words that align with them, act as a resistance to the things that we want.

The “negative vibes” get in the way of allow the good things into our lives just like a fallen tree would resist out the water down streaming to the ocean you are on the receiving end.

Through our emotions, thoughts, words, actions (what I would like to call our vibrational state) we continue to emit energy vibrations at a consistent, no pause button, rate – since we are made up, on a microscopic & scientific level, atoms.

Atoms that contain, within them, energy.

And all that this non physical, spiritual, thing we call energy does is vibrate.

Thus we humans, as vibrational being, consistently vibrate in alignment to the feeling emotions we think about on the regular.

They weren’t BSing you when they said “The Mind Is A Power Thing.”

Because with this mind of ours when can manipulate the vibration state that we are in.

And when we vibrate in a state that is in a vibrational state of the thing we want to be, do or have (that is, practising the act of Acting As If you already are the person you want to be, or doing the things you want to do, or have the thing you want to have even if it’s not there) the Law of Attraction attracts it to us, it is law.

On the subject of money, since i know that’s one of the things you might be wanting to attract, download a free ebook from a guy who is living proof that the Law exists, Dr. Joe Vitale, Attract Money Now!

Even though you don’t realise it yet, You Are In Control Of What Happens Next – with our without “God”. And by the way, that energy I spoke about earlier, that is in all the living and non-living things that exist in this world is what religion calls God. So either way, atheist or not, there is a power that can be manipulated into moulding life as we know it today... (...yesterday & tomorrow), through an emotion-of-receiving prayer or repetitive feeling thought suggestions to the mind.

Same things different terms.

What if, just like me, you want to use this to your advantage but due to life experiences you are dead to feelings? Then you will come to realise that things incomplete technique of attracting what you want can eventually be the resistance, like the fallen tree analogy, that makes success come to you in drips and drabs to your frustration.

And frustration being an emotion that feeling good to you only cements the non-receiving good things attractor you are. Actually in that state, all that you will be receiving would be the closest physical equivalent of your negative, non-good feelings place of frustration you might be in.

What I would like to call the “hell” experience.

This blog is not meant for everyone, otherwise everyone would be living the life they want – experiencing the health they want, the loving relationships they want and all the money they want to receive – expect thinking that one has to struggle or do something illegal or even satanic (oh my God!!) to get the “good life.”

So the Realising of Resistance Process I am going to offer you here would then only be for those of us if want to do whatever it takes, with regards to the above, legally to live a better way of life.

Ever heard yourself say, surely There Has To Be A Better Way Than This???

Well there is, but it has to be dealt with at the heart of the matter. A spiritual suggested resolution of realising that which IS spirit in its core and had just turned up in the physical so that we can interpret it with our commonly used senses.

Ladies and Gents I introduce you to the person that can improve your life more than anyone else in this world, your Self.

© Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010


Steve Vernon said...

Great blog post, Musa! You are definitely a serious and knowledgeable student of the Law of Attraction. And you are absolutely right on with your closing statement. The only one who can change your life for the better (OR the worse) is YOU!

Musa23 said...

It's the only thing that we have absolute control over in any case.