Friday, December 24, 2010

How To Turn Your MS Word Docs Into PDFs...Well It's At Least One Of The Ways

I always wondered how I could convert my Microsoft Office into a PDF.

Pat O'Bryan said I must try but, as we all know, the internet moves so fast that some of the sites you have as referrals get pulled from the net.

So I Googled "PDF GENERATOR" and out came amongst the list.

God bless Daniel Procter who happens to be a web developer over at if that might interest you.

So I tried turning one of my MS Word docs into Adobe format and presto!

I can now go and show off to my friends on how techno savvy I am :D

Been having some rough couple of weeks lately with me having to establish sources of income from thin air after quitting my job before settling my debts and car payments.

The days of having a job are played out in anyway so going back to a 9 to 5 would be going against the tide.

I built my castle in the air so now I guess it's time to begin building the foundations beneath it.

How knows, maybe I will use and sell ebooks for a living *cough cough* :)

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PS. This is why I love the readers of this blog, they have my back. Please read the comments below, it seems I was to early in dissing Thank you again Kathryne Joy xoxoxo


Kathryne Joy said...

Last I checked is still up and running. It does a lot more than create PDFs. It does pretty much everything that Microsoft Office does, without the price tag.

Musa23 said...

If it works for you Kathy then surely it will work for others as well.

This is were the site is for the convenience of those that are yet to check it out

Thank you Kathryne for the heads up & clarity. Hope you having a great December :)