Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Ultimate Shortcut To Success

I asked myself what I can write to you about that will make your life better. And I was inspired to teach you how to meditate.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 10 minutes.

Be as comfortable as you can.

Remain still for the next 10 minutes in that comfortable position you will be in.

Close your eyes.

And focus on deep breathes in, and long breathes out.

Breathe in with your nose and exhale with your mouth.

Your thoughts will wonder on the first attempts and you might even be fidgety, release those thoughts and edginess and focus back on your breathing.

Breathing in and out, in and out until your 10 minute timer goes off.

For maximum results I suggest you practice doing it every day every chance you get.

Take it as a gift from me to you.

What the heck, why wait - Merry Xmas ;)

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Age Will Follow This Information Age?

I was listening to a Tony Robbins audio clip through my iPod while I was walking around naked and herding cattle, where he mentioned that predicting the future will make you a successful person.

As in (no need to get excited I'm not a cattle herder & though I do enjoy walking around naked, I do not do it in public) filling a need before there's a market for it.

Being a step ahead of the game and becoming a trendsetter. The lead pioneer of the industry you are in.

Like creating a market that did not exist before a person like you entered the scene.

What can you give to others that will make their lives better in exchange for money?

Give yourself 10 min to ponder (hehe I said "ponder" funny word that) on that for a while.

What are you good at, or you are experienced in, that you can package into a product or/and a service that you can sell to people who are willing to buy this part of you so to make their lives better?

Using people like Pat O’Bryan and [affiliate link] Les Brown to help you achieve this goal you might have of generating a 10,000s of $100 streams per month to your bank account...do the math, & see yourself surrounded by the lifestyle - last I checked the American Dollar was going for R7.067 to the South African Rand November 25, 2010 *salivating*

Because I believe the next age following this Information Age will be the Entrepreneurial Age.

I think this Age of the Entrepreneur will take many by storm because I feel some people are already jumping on this bandwagon, as subtle as this unconscious awakening is, people are coming to see for themselves the warnings that people like Robert T. Kiyosaki mentioned in his Rich Dad Poor Dad about the coming years.

About being prepared for the buckling up of the monetary system, yet again. A monetary system based on money that doesn't exist - money is only energy, invisible, just like thought, therefore as powerful as when make it.

Lies, actually, which a whole lot of people are banking on, pun intended, to provide for them when they reach retirement.

Baby boomers were expecting this from the government and guess what happened to them when they retired in 2008? And what is stopping this from happening to you and me when we hit 60/65?

"Make lots of kids along the way so that we can move in with them when the government pension is not enough to pay for the bond (mortgage) water & electricity and food for the month?"

Wouldn't it be nice to be that grandma or grandpa that your grandchildren come to to ask for money from?

As you live a life of excellent health and rejuvenated vigour, globetrotting, multiple sources of passive income earning, luxury hotel and cruise ship boarding, family foundation & legacy leaving old timer?

Because you prepared yourself for 2012.

Who knows when the next financial crash is going to be (maybe we should ask a German psychic dolphin for a prediction), but I would prefer getting richer and richer like I saw most of the rich elite doing when the latest financial crisis hit, and not relying on the self preserving government to get me back in the rat race (get up, go to work, get paid once a month, pay the bills, get broke, get up, go to work, get paid once a month, pay the bills, get broke, get up, got work...).

ant philosophy Pictures, Images and Photos

I am no prophet but I am believer of the Ant Philosophy, of preparing for winter during summer, and vice versa.

"It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared." - Whitney Young, Jr.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Success Is A Selling Job On Yourself

You have to sell an improved health condition to yourself.

You have to sell better improved relationships to yourself.

You have to sell a better financial condition to yourself.

It's about selling and selling and selling a better you, to You.

Make a commitment to yourself to begin now the process of selling a Better You to yourself, every day & night of every day & night of your life.

Sell, sell and sell until you buy into it, that is, until the results show.

[affiliate link] Its Not Over Until You Win: How to Become the Person You Always Wanted to Be No Matter What the Obstacle - Les Brown.

Be enthusiastic about it.

Begin immediately!

Even as you read this, feel better.

Lock in to your image if success like and Eagle would its prey as it dives down to it.

See, in your imagination, the better version of you.

See yourself in your mind as already successful.

Feel happier.

Taste the deliciousness of the much improved relationships all around you.

Hear the ATM dishing out those clean, fresh smelling paper money for you, as you smile to yourself as enjoy the feelings of prosperity in your heart, even before the money has reached your physical hands.

Sell, baby, sell, baby, sell, baby, sell!!!

Flood that beautiful mind of yours with the health, love, success, achievements, riches, skills you would love to have everyday, as the first thing you do when you wake up to the last thing you do when you sleep.

The easiest way, what I would call The Shortcut To Success, is to become an unconscious success.

To unconsciously become ____________________________________________________________ [fill in the blank].

We do this by selling and selling and selling through self talk, affirmations (Try: "Day By Day, In Every Way, I Am Becoming Better & Better." or "I am so happy and grateful, now that money comes to me, in large quantities, through multiple sources, on a continuous basis"), sensory visualizations, and taking control of what we think about and how we think about what we think about, again and again, directing our mind in effect directing our lives to a desired destination of our wanting.

My aim is not to give you a pump up until my next blog update, but to invite you to began to deliberately, and slowly project an image of how you would like things to be for you in your mind's eye over and over and over and over again and again and again until it comes to you, through you.

Learn to see yourself as the [affiliate link] Deliberate Creator of your life through the thoughts you think. And one of the ways this can be done is through the Process of Autosuggestion.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mark 3:13-15

If you had 12 disciples in the form of 12 disciplines or 12 principles you would use in your life to "have the authority to cast out" the demons of our lives, demons in the form of life's obstacles and challenges, what would they be?

Not in any order but I propose, not in any specific order. Their names would be:

#1. Gratitude.

#2. Faith.

#3. Persistence.

#4. Patience.

#5. (my favourite) Action-Inspired.

#6. Goal-Setting.

#7. Sensory Visualization (closing your eyes and visualizing success with all your physical senses).

#8. Compound-Action (the most silent of the disciples).

#9. Given (also known as Karma).

#10. Peema (aka PMA, aka Positive Mental Attitude).

#11. Focus.

#12. Silence (the most outspoken).

These would be my disciples who I will walk with daily. I will eat with them, rest with them, bath with them, laugh with them and seek guidance and consultation with them.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Why I Recommend Going Into Sales So To Improve Your Health, Relationships and Incomes

We sell to ourselves, and others, all the time.

Parents (should) sell the idea of a good & honest life to their kids.

Just a while a good friend of mind that I love sold the idea of us going on a couples retreat this coming December 2010 and I bought in to it.

Traffic reports sell the idea of the best route to take if you're travelling on the road.

You even sell yourself at work, to your potential allies, and with business.

My advice is the more you learn about sales, the more successful you will be, the easier success will be.

The web is filled with articles about selling. See >> Top 5 Tips Of Successful Sales People (successful sales tips).

I use articles like above and see myself as the client as myself and the product as my goals. And sell to myself the benefits of "buying" in the having of the goal.

Why do I want?

What difference is it going to have in my life?

How many people in my life would benefit in the having (the achieving) of this goal (product)?

Don't strive to making as sales pitch but more of really pointing out how easier & happier and assured life will be in the having of it.

Sell repeatedly, enthusiastically and "matter of factly."

Focus on the vision of you making that sale (reaching your goal) and begin to hold that emotional, excited state of you having already received the thing you want, as you make the sale.

See and continue to revisit the state of having received often enough that you buy in to it & begin taking inspire action -take inspired action, Take Inspired Action, The Psychology of Success is about TAKING INSPIRED ACTION-INSPIRED, ACTION-INSPIRED, ACTION-INSPIRED - towards allowing yourself to receive it.

Increase your health, by being a better sales person and successfully - through repetition known as autosuggestion -selling the idea of a much improved health condition to yourself.

Including techniques like smiling as you see your future better self enjoy life at optimum levels of health.

This runs true with your finances, relationships, spirituality, physical fitness etc.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010. All rights reserved.

PS. For consistent results, one must sell on a consistent basis. Be creative enough to use sticker notes, vision boards, journals and manifestation processes found in books like [affiliate link] Think And Grow Rich, [affiliate link] Conversations With God or, my personal fav', [affiliate link] Ask And It Is Given.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Neville's Lazy Person's Guide to Riches & Success

I read a book where the author suggests I sleep my way into success. Not in the scandalous way that some would akin sex and success with, but literally using my nap time to achieve success.

The doctor who wrote this book calls it "Nevillizing" your goal. Which is a process of visualizing what you want to achieve, as you are about to go to sleep.

But not just visualizing the desired goal but activating all five senses as you visualize.

Take owing that beautiful house you want, but have no idea how you are going to pay for it, for example, what would you see as you are walking through it? What sounds do you hear as you approach the sliding door or balcony leading you to the lawn or ocean view outside? How do the rooms smells like? What favourite dish do you smell your chef cooking? What does it taste like? Do you feel the heat of your fireplace or the cool air con against your skin?

Keep in mind that the "how" you will leave for the Divine forces to deal with, what you will be focusing on with this exercise is the desire and clarity of detail in the "what" of your desire.

Feel the realness of each of your senses as you proceed, in your mind's eye, to whatever location you want to explore in your mental home, feeling yourself going through your home, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and feeling, with such intensity that must feel like, as you are drifting off to sleep, that you are in that very house right there and then.

Going over and over this sensory, vivid images in your mind until you drift off to sleep (this mental game can be applied with matter goal you would like see resolved in whatever area, be it money, health, relationships, etc), and every time you go to sleep, night after night, making it a point to practice this "emotionalized" visualization & falling asleep in that state - would produce for you miraculous outcomes that are in harmony with the clarity of your nightime conjuring, that will blow you mind.

I guess the idea was so thrilling to me that I ended up attracting the guy that "originated" the idea. In fact I believe Neville Goddard held evening seminars dedicated to the using vivid of imaginations, triggering as much pleasing senses & crystal clear creativity as you can, to achieve whatever desire you want. Having personally experienced and receiving testimony from others to back this up.

Go to this link to download a 2 part audio of Neville’s Goddard’s technique to success.

It's too good to be true, and since I am one who does that which most call going against the grain, I am opening my mind to the idea of using the "creative power of my imagination" to mold life as I what it to be.

It's past 3:10 am and I feel every time I "do" what I feel needs to be done so to generate the income to pay off my expenses at the end of the month it feels off-ish.

I told myself, after quitting my job last month, that I will use the principles Infinite Intelligence inspires me to use so to produce the effortless, unlimited, liberating results the corporate life wasn't not producing for me.

The "experienced," the "qualified," the "experts" talk about how there are no short cut to success, yet they seem to ignore how this friend of mine continues to repeat in his videos, audios and reading material he left for me that "what the mind of man can conceive, and believe - the mind of man can achieve."

"A belief is only a thought you keep thinking." - Abraham, The Vortex

"Beliefs are how we create reality." - Dr. Joe Vitale, [affiliate link] Spiritual Marketing

I have been doing, and doing, and doing not allowing myself to just be. And begin to vibrate into a new, higher vibration that matches my desired goal. Allowing Inspiration to guide me through this manifesting process with the ease and flow I believe all success should came by.

We got sold the idea of how success should be hard for us & scoff at others who successes come easily for them, associating criminal or scandalous acts as the reason behind their achievements in our jealously.

And yet I still say, "What the mind of man can conceive, and believe - the mind of man can achieve."

Hear what this friend of mine has to say about his version of "The Lazy Person's Guide to Riches" & I dare you to be one of the few who will commit themselves to practicing this manifestation process until the unbelievable results show.


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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Neville Goddard: Neville Lecture On The Effortless Manipulation Of Circumstance In Your Favor

"If I call you now and you answer, that’s one thing. Would you respond an hour later to the same call? If you persevere, you will.

"If now, an hour later, you think of yourself as you now - when you dare to assume that you are now the man that you want to be, an hour later, are you still assuming that state? If you’re not, you are not persevering.

"You are “the hearer who looked into the mirror, whose natural face” - he saw it, “then he went his way, and at once forgot what he looked like.”

"So, if one hour from now you are not still assuming that you are the man that you want to be, you have forgotten. You are the hearer and not the doer. And he warns us of the vast difference between being a hearer and being a doer. The doer acts."

- "The Perfect Law of Liberty" by Neville Goddard, author of The Law and the Promise

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele


Cure for AIDS that the Pharma companies want to suppress

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Simple, Easy, Unbelievable "Secret" To Success

The mind is always taking us some where. It acts like a rope around our waist taking us to a destination either of our conscious awareness or unconscious awareness.

If the place you are at is not a place you would like to be, chances are you got there unconsciously.

Things can only get better by taking control of your thoughts and directing them to your predetermined destination.


It’s called goal-setting.

Subscribe to Brian Tracy's newsletter http://www.briantracy.com/blog/ for a free download on how to begin to make positive changes in your life through the simple tool most of us take for granted: your mind http://www.briantracy.com/blog/

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

How Would You Like To Have An Interview With God?

"How have your conversations with God changed your life in relation to your outlook and personal relationships?

Neale: For the first part of my young adult life, my intention was to be successful as a young man in the world of work, to make a decent salary, to find a good woman, marry and have children, and to have my house in the suburbs; all those things my mother and father told me ought to be on my agenda.

In fact, my life proceeded out of those intentions, and I did all of those things. I was making a good living, and by the time I was thirty-four, I had my children and wife, and a house in the country on five acres with the ponies in the backyard.

I had acquired and achieved all of that, but then I realized I had experienced very little satisfaction from all of it. I was feeling empty and unfulfilled. I changed my intention about life.

I was in my late thirties and decided my intention in life had nothing to do with the acquiring of material things, but rather it was now my intention to experience the evolution of my own soul and to grow spiritually.

I wanted to come to know the highest truths of life and to express those truths in action, through myself.

I wanted to become the grandest version of the greatest idea I ever held about who I am in regards to my relationship with God.

This was a conscious choice on your part.

Neale: Yes, I set my intention, and it was a conscious choice. At that time, somebody offered me another job. I didn't have to listen to my inner voice for more than five seconds before I knew whether or not I wanted to take the job because I measured it against my intention.

It was very clear even though the job had a wonderful salary and so forth, it wasn't in alignment with my intention.

I passed that job by, which allowed me to move into something else that was in much greater alignment with my intention, all within six months time.

What happens when you set your intention clearly, is all of life then contrives to produce the perfect circumstances with which to meet your intentions."

For more of this interview with Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, click here.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Secret of the Law Of Attraction in Relationships

About people pleasers - Monday quote

To members of Esther and Abraham

Nina Ferrell October 25 at 6:34pm

What you are really doing, pleaser person, that you didn't mean to do, is that you are making it unnecessary for your father to tend to his own vortex. And you're the only one who's going to do it, because you care so much about him.

And usually it's the other way around. Children try to please their parents - it's a natural thing, especially in the beginning. There's a bigger intention brewing that, in most cases, doesn't keep it going very long, and then parents write books like, "Where did my little girl go?..."

Let's take lovers. If you decide that this person's approval matters so much to you that you keep standing on your head to please them, two really screwy things happen.

First, you use them as your criteria, so you train yourself away from your own guidance system. So then that person has always got to be there and got to be consistent and that isn't going to happen.

The other thing that happens that is equally screwy and unsettling is that you train that person into feeling good without doing the work of coming into alignment. So now they're running around looking for other conditions to change. And that's how the whole spiral happens. Everybody's running around trying to get other people to change the conditions.

Stamford, CT 5/29/10


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"You Attract By Your Vibration"

You attract by your vibration. Everything in the Universe is experiencing the powerful Law of attraction...And when you are vibrating in pain, you cannot attract joy. The vibration of pain attracts only pain. The vibration of joy attracts joy, the vibration of illness attracts illness...The Law IS, and the wonderful thing is that once you understand the Law, and you are sensitive enough to feel how you are vibrating, then you have control of your experience.
- Abraham-Hicks -

Monday, November 1, 2010

Failure Is A By-Product Of Success, And Vice Versa

I love the education system *cough* what I believe the system needs to improve on is how it programmes the mind of the learner into fearing failure, believing that coming second best is unacceptable and that being "the 1st loser" - as my high school rowing coach would put it - was to be shunned upon.

Yes, it did drive me to excel in a variety of things like going through my entire under 15 rowing season, with my crew, as undefeated South African Champions - even in our aging, wooden rowing boat (Excalibur) racing against the fibre glass versions that the other private schools were using.

That was how I feared failing.

I feared failing so much that I was running away from it. And when it finally did catch up to me, it was a horrific experience filled with negative self talk, self disgust, insecurities, and all the other intelligent, sophisticated words society has for defining feelings one should have when he has become a failure.

This fearing to fail principle, taught to during my years at school, was something I successful took with me through my earlier working life, with a certificate (in the form of my matric certificate) to prove how well equipped I was thanks to the school system...God bless them.

Now I was programmed to joyfully seek a "safe and secure" job successfully making the rich (wo) men richer. As I continue on working harder and harder at suppressing my dreams because doing anything else like taking the risk and dedicating my life to something I was passionate about, might subject me to the something I was taught to fear: the fear of failure.

And failing is not an option, I hear my high school rowing coach say, because people would see me for who I am...a failure. And the way I hold other people's view of me above my view of myself, disappointing them will make me less of a person.

I might not have been saying this out loud but this was, after reflecting on what is was that was holding me back, it was something I had accepted at an unconscious level.

It is my unconscious beliefs that create my reality.

Yet failure is only a part of succeeding.

School is like taking natural risk takers and brain washing them into limiting their unlimited potential.

Failure is a jus t feedback of the wrong path to success that was taken, all that needs to happen is to take corrective measure to improve the plan and march forth to success.

Failure is not to be feared but expected, especially when one wants to succeed in life.

That's how we learn in life.

How can you expect to learn if you don't learn from your mistakes & failures.

I could say, the "secret" to success is failure.

The only time I was able to go to the next step was through learning from what life was teaching me, hearing what life was telling me through my supposed failure.

Even as a kid the only way I got to learn was through falling from my bike.

After falling I didn't throw the bike in the bin, but got up and tried again, and again, and again, until I had myself riding like the other kids.

Persist in improving from your temporary failures in order for you to succeed, because most don't know that "every failure comes with it a seed of an equivalent success."

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