Friday, February 4, 2011

How To Pay For Your Car Instalments (& Anything Else) With The Income You Make From The Internet

Whip Out That Credit Card!

The false hope you have about making money from the Net without spending a cent is a pipe dream. 

The words “F*R*E*E*” - just like any other advertisement – are used to grab your interest. As if to say, "if you want more, then insert coin and come play the game with us!"

Don't get me wrong – not every website or blog is trying to con you into buying useless products just for kicks - the few that do offer quality & effective products, however, DO require you to purchase them.

It might be “free” but you might end up finding yourself having to sign up for their training or support webinar or workshop or seminar, getting more clarity on the system or product you bought from them.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, because much like learning anything new, you need a support system to guide you through your rookie days until you can find yourself – in this case – making money on the online on a regular basis, through multiple sources with effortless ease.

Are you ready to swipe that credit card?

What Is A Business?

A business - in short - is a system designed to make money in exchange of the service it provides. 

So whoever owns or controls the system (whether she is there or not) gets money from it whenever the system is open for business i.e. at my previous job it was a 7am to 2pm affair and a 2pm to 9pm shift. 

So after 9pm no money was being made, and before 7am no money was coming in, since there is no one to serve & no one to work the system..

The beauty of the Internet though is that once you build such a system, it is open 24/7 and for the most part self managed.

But hold on...Why WORK at BUILDING a LIFETIME INCOME GENERATING SELF MANAGED business from SCRATCH when you can just BUY one?

When you can get paid back your initial investment in under a month from the profits this Internet Cash Machine Will Cough Out For You??

You Want Your Money Back? Brace Yourself For Some Hard Work

Like this American Multimillionaire Businessman would ask, “Are you Interested in making money online, or are you COMMITTED in making money online?”

Do not be suckered into the “It’s-So-Easy-Even-My-4-Year-Old-Can-Do-It” hype.  Yep, I am talking to all of you who buy into the immediate gratification fix. 

The aim is to have this baby bumping money into your bank account even after your teeth fall out. That means hard work now, Aston Martin lifestyle tomorrow.

So that means working your butt off getting this Cash Machine of the ground, so you can skip all those anxiety attacks, wondering why payday is so far.

·         Think... mid-week vacations.

·         Think... mortgage bond settled.

·         Think... education plan and retirement plan secured.

·         Private hospital care.

·         Bills paid in full.

·         Paying cash for that car and ANY clothing items you want.

And giving yourself birthday presents every week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYDAY!...

(Ok, I wouldn’t advice the last point, would rather have you reinvest it back into your cashflow rich asset and buying other internet assets with your profits, so you can increase the amount of customers you serve – but then again  it is YOUR money, to do with it as you wish).

Your mindset eventually determines your results. 

When you find that it seems that everyone else is successful or more successful that you, even though you are doing the exact same things that they are doing to get ahead in life, the flaw might lie in your mindset.

It’s not what you do it how you do it!

The immediate effects of that Slight Edge the other guy is implementing aren't visible in the beginning, so you might not get why she is "kissing ass."

Maybe that Slight Edge is how she pays the price a little bit more, or how he goes out of his way to do additional research more than you that compounds over time until, one day, you see him light years ahead of you. 

Because you failed to understand the principles the rich use that the poor and middle-class do not. An alarming bunch of them (Principles used by the Rich) are explained in detail in this wealth accumulating classic YOU MUST BUY:

If you are looking for a game changer, BUY THIS BOOK NOW!

Do Your Homework!

That is, do your due diligence.

When you know how, there is also nothing easier than losing money on the Internet.

When you know how, there is nothing easier than making money on the Internet.

Whoever is trying to sell your solutions to your money problems (making you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep just like everyone else who don’t lie awake in the middle of the night thinking of ways to rob a bank)  – Google him!

Heck, if you have an aunt who works in the KGB or CIA, run a background check on them if you have to.

I am all for taking risks but I am not much of a gambler.

Just because I say something is easy doesn’t mean it’s for everybody...but then again, we ARE talking about the Internet here.

Here’s to you successful and timely monthly car payments with the income generated from the Internet.

Live Large and Prosper,



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