Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Drug That Even Christians Are Hooked On

I've been talking to myself lately, more often than usual, and I thought it best to have it typed out here on "my blog" (you can never Truly own anything in this world now can you?) for you to read.

You might find it entertaining.

Use my sob story to keep you wanting more.

Actually wanted to bring to your attention a drug that I see everyone, you included, is addicted to.

Some people shoot it up their veins, some people sniff it, others smoke it, there are those that even drink it.

It's in the air that you breathe.

The source of every thought you think.

You speak it, touch it, you feel it, hear it.

Heck you are even reading it are in love with it.

It is your obsession.

You are never clean of this drug, even after death - because it IS death.

Even as I am writing this under candlelight I am craving it.

Good God I am even craving it on Your behalf.

This drug consumes your very existence - I can even go as far as saying that generation after generation have been taking so much of it that You are this drug...

...You have become it.

What is this drug that has me growing glands on my wrist?


(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele. 2011

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