Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How I Attracted R5,300 In Under 24 Hrs

I prayed.

"Philippians 4:13"

I spent the whole night praying about why I wanted it and what it would mean for me.

I needed R5300 so to be up to date with my car payments or else the bank will come and take it from me.

The idea of leaving work and using the demand to meet my monthly expenses to motivate me into producing monthly profits back fired.

This was due to (1) my procrastination and (2) my lack of long term planning.

My advice to you is to pool enough profits working on your side project while funding it with the income you make from your job.

Now, 3 months later the repo men just missed me & had to call me in to hand over my car to them.

Palms, hands and armpits sweaty I spent the day almost in a state of perplexity, like I was under a spell.

A zombie.

Wondering How, HOw, HOW???

I did not sleep that night.

I spent it talking to a Spiritual Power that is the encyclopedia of all Solutions past, present and future.

I detailed my problem and how it is affect me emotionally, and then moved my prayer to that of how I would like things to be.

I pictured this solution (a miracle at the time for me) and kept on repeating the words, "SOLUTION. SOLUTION. SOLUTION," until I passed out at about 4.30am.

30 minutes later I was wide awake.

And even though I had every reason not to, I persisted in my morning ritual of - most of which was inspired by Norman Vincent Peale's "The Power Of Positive Thinking":

10 min visualization.

10 min meditation.

15 min Bible reading.

15 min motivational read - current read is "The Hidden Power" by Thomas Troward.

3 new daily statements of gratitude (which I wrote down with a sarcist grin on my face).

Reading of my Personal Mission Statement.

Reading of my Affirmation & Goal Cards.

Reading of The Summary of The Science of Getting Rich.

I then declared that "Today is a good day. I will rejoice and be glad in it."

To strengthen my belief I affirmed, "I believe. I BELIEVE. I BELIEVE."

"Matthew 7:7-8"

I dropped of my mom at the school that she teaches in and off I went to galavant around Soweto and Johannesburg, inviting my mind to be more solution-focused than to be problem-oriented.

Next thing I know, mom called for me to meet up with her.

On arrival she said she has raised the amount needed to not only pay for my arrears but has covered me for next month's installment.

I was blown away.

Still am.

It happened with such precision that I am left with no doubt in my heart and mind that this "miracle" was due to the God Power I asked and was thankful for in prayer the night before.

Now I am busying working on perfecting my ritual and prayer so to accelerate my process of Deliberate Creation.

Yours in Abundance,


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