Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spiritual Power & How It Affects Your Every Intention & Desire: Part 1

Have I ever told you that Nothing Is Set In Stone?

I mean that literally, you see, solidity is an illusion.

If the microscope is powerful, enough you will see that what you think is solid is in fact non-physical.



That is why I fell in love with the idea that when you did all that you can do, you could full proof the results you want with some Positive Spiritual Power.

I am fond of the teaching, you might even noticed me mentioning it a number of times within this Blog, of how there are “Two Worlds” in existence.

The Physical World and the Spiritual (Non-Physical) World, and how You will discover through relentless research how it is the Non-Physical world (the Spiritual world) that creates the “Knock-On-Wood” Physical World.

“As Within, So Without.”

Just like you would find how a sculptor creates first in the mind (the spiritual world), then she design it in the physical world.

I have read that most top achievers and top earners (Hint: you should try this too on for size) have trained themselves in mastering this law of Cause of Effect – learn & practise to first visualize the end result with vividness and emotion then secondly following through with the physical action that would “likely” produce the end result.

”Go There In The Mind & The Body Will Follow.”

The Life-Changing books that that go into detailed explanation for you regarding this are:

Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill (See Amazon.com for Availability) and “The Magic Of Believing” by Claude Bristol.

Yet the “Spiritual Power” I am here writing about for you goes beyond Visualization and Action; beyond Planning & Execution; beyond Prayer and Deed.

The Spiritual Power, though, I wanted to write to you about is in fact Faith and Belief...

...To Be Continued

© Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2011

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