Friday, April 8, 2011

Spiritual Power & How It Affects Your Every Intention & Desire: Part 2

You can read part 1 here.

You develop Faith through the repetition of information.

In fact, you change your paradigm in the same way - through the repetition of information.

Yet as to how you develop Belief...

...the answer I came up with was "Experience."

You grow in your belief through your Experience.

But how do you experience something you have never experienced?

The answer I received was "through your Visualization of it."

Your external factors are created by your inner "movie" or internal perception of them.

Your world is a reflection of your habits and beliefs.

You first change your perception about something then your experience of that something changes.

So if you develop Faith through the repetition of information, then I suggest you read something motivational daily.

You can even write out affirmations - personal statements of fact in positive, present tense - of the things you would like to see happen in your life.

i.e. Instead of writing, "I would like R50,000 unexpected income from unexpected sources, by 30 April 2011," you write, "I am now gratefully receiving R50,000 unexpected income from unexpected sources by 30 April 2011."

Whether you believe this clear, written affirmation is not important, your daily objective is to feed your mind with the end result of what it is you would want to see in your life & watch as your mind gives you suggestions of how you can achieve your desire.

Repeat your personal, present, positive written statement to yourself every daily, many times within each day and eventually this repetition of information will affect your Faith.

And for you to super-charge this process of creation, you need to BELIEVE it is possible for YOU!

And this you can do with daily, vivid, Visualization exercises.

The more you active the use of your senses as you visualize - i.e. what you would hear, see, touch, feel, taste or smell once you have received what it is you want - the faster the Universe will work with you to attract it.

Action will sometimes be required from you to make what you want come to you, so follow your good feeling instincts, guts, intuition, hunches, inspiration, hints, or ideas because never you know which one of them will set off a domino effect into magically getting you what you want.

You need to be opened to the mental pictures that you will receive, your inner movies that invite you to do certain things. Things that will bring success to you.

You must have Faith.

You must Believe.

You must Act on your Faith & Believe so that you can Receive.

Faith + Belief + Action = Your Success = Your Good Feeling Results.

Yours in unlimited prosperity,


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