Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Whatever You Run Away From Will Always Follow You"

I had a dream I got into a fight with two guys who ended up chasing me in a car while was running away from them on foot.

I used my knowlegde of the streets I was on to my advantage, even had myself shoving the school blazer, tie and glasses I was wearing into my backpack so to make it harder for them to spot me.

Some how they got my cellphone number and I heard my cell ringing in my bag.

Instead of reaching for my phone I decided to slowly scan my surrounds only to find that they were just on the block just across the street I was on.

A lot of spy movies taught we not to breakout into a run after noticing them, so I walked firmly but not in a way that will cause any attention that might get me spotted.

As I made it to the next corner I boltered.

I knew of a safe place nearby & I was heading there only to run into a rabid dog with crazy eyes, and it started biting on my hand.

My brain couldn't understand how, more "why" than "how," I was still being attacked in a place I thought would be safe for me.

And that's when a voice said that I can never run away from whatever it is that is chasing me because I will take the emotion of being attacked everywhere I go.

The solution is to feel safe now & you would have found your safe house.

A feeling of immediate peace came over my mind and my body even started relaxing.

I used what I didn't want as a reference of what I did want.

Next thing I know the guys that were chasing me drove past me. And the dog, whose mouth I was trying to close shut to stop it from biting me 'cause I was tired of running, began licking my hand.

And that's when I woke up and thought it would make for a wonderful blog update for you *smiles*

Use what you don't like as a reference to think up of an experience(s) that would love.

Persist in this and gradually things will begin to change to your liking.

And that is one of the secrets (daily disciplines) to happy living.



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