Friday, June 17, 2011

"If You Wanted To Play Guitar, Would You Take The Advise From A Drummer?"

I love to hear well-meaning advise from strangers, people I know, people I admire and even people who mean a lot to me.

But look at it this way, would it be wise to run with the advise or opinion of a drummer when your heart sees itself playing the guitar?

Your advisor can even play the drums in her dreams, heck, she might even play the thing with her toes!!?

Your drummer friend is seasoned drumming specialist.

What advise, though, do you think she might give you about playing the guitar?

Think about it...

Would she laugh at you for wanting to play guitar?

Would she make fun of your outrageousness in wanting something she knows little or nothing about?

How many times would she ridicule you?

She might even round up her drummer friends and tell you how absurd you are even think of such a thing, as her like minded disciples nod in agreement.

Would she tell you to stop fooling around and get back to [her] "reality."

Because your great grandma was a drummer.

Your grandma was a drummer.

Your mother and father (HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE DADS BY THE WAY!!) every body in the house is a drummer.

So therefore YOU TOO will become a drummer!!

That makes sense doesn't it?

Heck, you will be lucky if friend doesn't convert YOU TOO into a drummer when she's done with you!!

All she knows is drumming.

What makes you think she will give expert advise on playing the guitar?

Such is so in life.

What is your passion?

What is your reality?

What is your truth?

What are you willing to risk to go out and live it?

2011 (c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele. All rights reserved.

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