Friday, June 17, 2011

The Power of Your Thoughts

I find that I understate the power of Thought.

This came to me after setting goals like having my car petrol tank meter on full (Got It!) & watching Fast Five in the cinema (Done), even though I didn't have a cent to my name at the time I wrote those goals down.

These goals might be seen as insignificant to some, but from a guy who quit his job to risk it all in becoming a business man with no plan - destined for failure - reaching these petty goals were pretty meaningful me.

I wanted to prove to myself (again) that what I read and write about is true and real.

For me it wasn't about the process but about the principle.

Then I saw that it was through my uncontrolled imagination that I condition my emotions and beliefs into giving me the results I am getting.

Programming my mind with disempowering questions like, "Who do you think you are to have things working well for you?"

"Who the heck are you to be getting the good things in life?"

The reply I gave, amusingly, is NOT in the affirmative.

I need to change that.

As simple as that single belief is, it is dragging me into the wrong direction and attracting the wrong things in my life.

Walk the talk.

Practice what you preach.

As much as I write these blog to, hopefully, inspire and motivate you, I also write to get me and keep me going in my journey to self discovery and success.

You would think after 300+ posts I should have had this in the bag nhe? ^_^

"Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal." - Earl Nightingale

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