Monday, June 20, 2011

There Is Something You Are Doing That Is Stopping You From Achieving Success

I can give you two possible reasons:

#1. You don't want it bad enough.

If you did you would be doing every thing you can, every day - regardless of pride or ego or what other people will think and say about you - to get Yours.

Tell me about it, I should know.

For me, there was nothing more crippling than wondering what people would think if I did something out of the ordinary.

That something I needed to do to reach my goals and get ahead in life.

It was hard because not a lot of people I associated with were gunning at their goals with as much desire as I was.

But honestly most of the things I was telling myself was happening, was only happening in my mind.

People have other things to worry about either than you.

They are busy overcoming challenges and have no time to schedule you into the head also.

And if they are, then you should not spend your time fussy over things you are going to leave behind because you are achieving.

That is why I admire people who do what they got to do to get ahead (without causing harm to other children), no matter what other people think or say.

Fill your mind with motivational information.

And associate yourself more with winners and spend less time with losers.

You will know the difference between a winner or a loser because a loser will pull you down and make fun of your dreams.

A winner will lift you up and support your matter how insane they might seem at first.

#2. You associate pain to succeeding.

Listen to what you say and what you feel when the subject concerning what you want in life comes up.

Do you feel pain/discomfort or do you feel pleasurable feelings?

I read that your mind will do whatever it can to stop you from experiencing pain.

And it will also do all it can to allow you to experience pleasure.

That is why your procrastinate, because your mind associates pain with what you have to (I prefer "want to") do.

As in it's more pleasurable not doing, than it is doing it.

Link as much benefits and pleasure as you can to you succeeding (as in when you achieve how many people will benefit, how would your life change, etc).

Do this long enough and your mind will link so much pleasure to it that you can't wait to do what you gotta do to succeed!!

Now you are motivated.

But motivation does not last, that is why it is recommended daily.

2011 (c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele. All rights reserved.

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