Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"We Walk (Live) By Faith Not By Sight"

2 Cor 5:7

You will be spellbound by how many times the word faith appears in the bible.

It's a good book by the way.

It rates up there with my "Top 100 Books You Should Read Before The World Ends" *winks @ baby sister* next to Breaking Dawn & The Hardy Boys *wide grin*

Though any time I come across lines that took about fearing God & how we should x, y, z to enter heaven, I jumble all that and give it a meaning that makes sense to me.

Then again after reading a book like Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch, what you will call sense, hardcore Christians might call blasphemy.

I like being controversial so that's sits perfectly with me ^_^

"Things don't change. People change." - Anthony (Tony) Robbins

What I love about personal development books like the bible (would it look cooler if I wrote that in italics & big caps, like THE BIBLE?*thinking face*) is that, when read properly, they give me a state change.

And it is from that "state" that I begin to see & even get inspired on new ideas to take against the problems life enjoys throwing at me.

I don't mind them now.

They make me grow stronger as I go out in search for new skills to add to my already heavy artillery.

What do I mean about a state change?

Well you can tell whem someone feels sad - shoulders down, eye gaze down, short breathes, slouching, etc.

That's person is in a negative state. You see it through their body. It flipping SINGS to you that "I'm not feeling too good."

Usually when I'm in that state, I am not at a mental level that will produce better results.

You could say you are running a pattern when you are in that state.

"Oh it's the end of the world."

"My am I not good enough."

"Why did I do that??"

"Why do these things keep happening to ME?"

"Why are Orlando Pirates so awesome?" ...etc

It's as if when your body is in a negative state, your body immediately triggers those "wonderful" questions that keep you in that state.

But when you are in a positive state (that is: back straight, breathing deep right from the abdomen, grin the face, your eyes are wider, you are leaning, talk deliberate & powerful strides, chin up, etc) your thinking pattern is DRASTICALLY IMPROVED!

I can go as far as saying that when you take a mental note of the body gestures you make at times when your are most passionate, most excited, most driven and do those things, like snapping your fingers or whatever, and you do them you are find down and any other emotion below boredom, you will INSTANTLY triggers a Positive pattern instead of the negative one you might happen to be drumming =D *does the makarina*

And reading and highlighting passages that tickle me, be it in The Bible or As A Man Thinketh by James Allen, drive me straight into a positive state change wherein I can begin making some positive deliberate changes in my life!

Try it ;]

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