Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why Giving Away Money Will Make You Receive MORE MONEY....?

Just like the invisible law of gravity that keeps you from flying off to God knows where, the invisible law of cause and effect (or better said, the violation of law) is what keeps you from receiving the more money you want.

It came as surprise to me, funny enough, when I read a quote that said it's not my boss's job to make me rich.

Her job is to just pays me my salary.

The responsibility lies on you.

It's a matter of you searching and finding people who are rich and you learning from them on how they make their riches.

And then modeling what they do in your life so you too can produce the results they produce.

What you call Role Modeling.

In my search I have discovered that one of the principles or money rules they use that makes them get more money is their ability to Give It Away.

Yes, by "it" I mean money.

Give money away to inspiring people or organizations, and more money will find its way to you.

Unlike most, the rich associate the act of giving (without expecting anything back) with receiving.

They understand and execute, consciously or unconsciously, the invisible law that allows them to receive more.

I have a statement on my wall that reads: All that I am giving, is the result of what I am receiving.

Sir Issac Newton uncovere that, "For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction."

The emotional state you would be when you receive more money would be of appreciation or expansion or abundance, etc.

That is why you need to give money away with an open heart of pleasure.

Giving with pleasure invites receiving money (solutions) with pleasure just like giving with pain (that feeling of lack you feel when you feel like you are losing money as you give it) entitles you to receive money (problems) with pain.

The act and emotion is like a signal that shoots out and returns back to the sender in the form of more/ less money or price discounts/ price inflation or vouchers/ bills from various even unexpected sources.

You are a match to you desired outcome emotional.

So why challenge to you is to give away money weekly.

Never allow a week to go pass without giving away money to sources that inspire you.

Give with an emotion of abundance until it becomes natural to you.

You do it right and more money will make its way to YOU!!

Yours in prosperity,

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2011. All rights reserved.

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