Thursday, June 30, 2011

Your 1/24th Of A Day Power Principle

The trick is for you to do something a day that will lead you closer to your goal.

Partake in the “a task a day movement” that will pull you one step nearer towards your success, one day at a time.

Your daily effort in fact compound on one another.

So instead of
Day 1 = 1%
Day 2 = 2%
Day 3 = 3%
Day 4 = 4%
Day 5 = 5%, etc

You get

Day 1 = 1%
Day 2 = 2%
Day 3 = 4%
Day 4 = 8%
Day 5 = 16%, etc

Your daily success disciplines compound on one another, but it will take some commitment from you to build and sustain this momentum.

Getting back on and starting all over again if you have found you broke the compounding effects by missing a day or two.

Do not major in the minor things.

Take mental inventory of all the stuff that you get up to a day, and remove or do less of those that have nothing to do with reaching your goals.

1 HR a day of personal development, if persistent in, will produce the remarkable results you thought were only possible for others.

There is no greater teacher than experience.


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