Monday, July 18, 2011

Dr. Nelson Mandela Knew What He Wanted, Do You?

You must know what you want.

No matter how "unrealistic" or "impossible" your journey to getting it might be.

Just take a page right out of our birthday boy's Dr. Nelson Mandela's life.

As gut wrenching as the goal was you bet your life Madiba KNEW EXACTLY what he wanted.

Your first task to success is to be CLEAR about what your pleasing desire.

You must be so clear, the idea of you already possessing the thing you want makes you FEEL lighter, relaxed, inspired, Better.

Your to-the-point crystal clear, laser focused, unamabigous clarity is VITAL.

When you generalize you stand the chance of repelling what you DO want and attracting what you DON'T want.

When you are specific, you can now allow yourself to be emotionally involved with your goal.

As in now you can inject meaning into this goals of yours that means a lot to you.

These emotions of meaning must inspire and motivate you into deliberate action taking.

Now that you know WHAT you want, you will be inspired in the HOW that will get you there.

Like energy attracts like energy, in the form of people, thoughts, circumstances and environment.

Your mind is emotionally charged into attracting "thought inspiration" and people and circumstances that harmonize with the energy vibration your motivated self is now emitting.

"Action without faith is dead."

In fact you get almost rapid, miraculous, magical results from your Faith in action, your Faithful action.

So if your cause (action) was from an love-inspired feeling space, then you will attract a love-inspired effect (result).

The stronger and sincere your emotionally (meaningful) desire, the faster the attraction.

There is something else that takes place when you take action from an inspired feeling and thought state apart from the action itself.

You seem to trigger the forces of the Universe to thrust forward so to conspire into getting you the results you want in the best and fastest way possible.

The Primary Cause in the minds of all successful people just like our Nelson "Madiba" Mandela - see - was that:

They knew WHAT they wanted,

And they KNEW they were going to GET IT.

The HOW was Secondary - inspired by them by their Primary Cause of course.

You master the Primary Cause to Your Success, Take Inspired Action Towards Your Goals and Your Success Is Guaranteed!





You can learn more about this Powerful, Noble Prize Winning, Inspirational Living Legend through his Long Walk To Freedom and Conversations With Myself

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