Friday, July 8, 2011

The Gratitude Psychology

Early this year we were the only house in the neighborhood without electricity for two months.

It was in the middle of autumn so it wasn't as cold as it is now, with us entering into winter.

We weren't paying the municipality so they cut us off.

Cause and effect.

The jump from employee to self employed was yet to produce positive, consistent results, with the creditors calling me for the money I didn't have, I had no immediate way to help my mother out.

Then one night, under the light that came from the candle, I began reading the Bible.

In his book "The Power Of Positive Thinking," Norman Vincent Peale suggested I read the New Testament and highlighting every time words like faith and gratitude were mentioned.

I did that daily.

I did that openly, from reading and pausing to let the words I read sink in, to even driving around with the Bible every where I went.

I see now that I was merely developing the mindset of faith.

I was developing the psychology of gratitude.

And these were what motivated us to take do something (anything!) so that we do not spend another day bathing under cold cloud of humiliation and self pity.

We managed to raise the three months outstanding balance to avoid getting my car repoed.

And we also managed to attract a home with electricity to protect us from the winter chills.

Not to say that we didn't have other challenges to deal with since then.

Then again that's why I write on this blog site, to motivate myself into thinking and seeing myself and reminding myself as one who can succeed no matter what darkness can befall me.

To keep on going with my daily faith in things working out eventually.

To keep on going with my daily gratitude of what already is working well for us.

To keep on going with my daily action and prayer towards making things turn my way.

You have every thing you need right now to start changing things your way.

Let me say it again:

You have every thing you need right now to start changing things your way.

You just need that motivation nje to keep you facing the light by first taking your eyes away from the shadows.

And looking within for the guidance that will solve the challenges you face without.

James 1:1-5

I love you.


2011 (c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele. All rights reserved.

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