Saturday, July 23, 2011

“Nothing That You Want Is Up Stream”

There a One Stream of Love and Gratitude that will be most beneficial to you to get in to.

This fast moving flow, that blissfully carries you into your better feeling experiences.

This same flow that, if you go against it, will easily punish you into feelings of Hatred and Depression.

And when you are going against the flow it WILL DEFINITELY show.

It will show in your finances.

It will show in your physical health.

It will show in your relationships.

Any time you are not “in the flow of things,” it will show, and you will feel it.

My love, you were not designed to carry around negatives feelings every were you go.

As normal as you have become accustomed to it, judging by everyone else around you, it is not natural.

As normal as it is, it is not natural.

Hence the negative experiences you seem to “run” into – they originate from the energy vibration you are emitting on a constant, unconscious, rate.

Like energy attracts Like energy.

You are pure Joy, Love Personified.

You are Freedom.

You are Abundance.

All these Good Feelings Experiences - and more - you Become, Instantly, when you get in the flow of Love and Gratitude.

This fun, fun-loving stream will carry you there.

Only when you “get it” by not paddling against it.

And you “Get In” to the flow of things when you GIVE thoughts of Love, when you GIVE thoughts of Gratitude.

Even in you are at your most painful of places GIVE Love.

Even when you are in your most overwhelming moments of your life, GIVE Gratitude.

Grab on to that Positive-Life-Enforcing-Branch of Relief until you come up with another reason you are Grateful for, then another excuse to express your Love to, and so on and so forth until you climb your way out of this downward spiral of self pity.

Get in the flow one inspired thought at a time until you BECOME Love.

Until you BECOME Gratitude.

Keep in mind this Law: You Can Only Receive What You Have Given.

So give it so you can feel it.

Be selfish.

Give it so you can feel it.

Yours in Ever-Flowing Love and Profound Gratitude,


2011 © Musawenkosi Tshoaele. All rights reserved.

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