Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What My Birthday Has Taught Me About The Law of Attraction & YOU

How exciting was that???!

Not only did I receive my smartphone, the one I've been attracting since forever!

But I was able to spent my birthday rich in emotional meaningful, timeless, memorable moments - as opposed to getting showered with material gifts that end up on the shelf, lost or eaten.

A colossal shout out to my facebook friends, my family, my girlfriend and especially baby sister - you are Psycho sis'!!!

I love you more and more (x)

My sister, my mom and I began my BornDate a couple of minutes before 12 am, just before 12 July, dancing to Beyonce's new album - IT'S FLIPPING OFF THE CHAINS BY THE WAY!!

We slept at about past 2 am and woke up around about 9 am to go get my birthday Blackberry present I used to type out the first draft of this very blog post.

I spent most of the morning being in a state of deep gratitude and awe.

I now feel I still am in awe and deeply grateful about the little almost unnoticed details that got into attracting, consciously, something I wanted.

It has been close to 30 days since I have stepped up my ability to deliberately attract my desires, through:

daily 15 minute meditations, and

typing out a list of my goals,Daily reviewing my goals and editing my goals Daily

The thing that motivates me to perform these rituals has been my daily motivational reads like Think and Grow Rich - which has been read so much I can even feel the positive, motivation oozing out of it, amidst the notes I wrote on the margins of almost each and every life changing Napoleon Hill paragraph.

Bob Proctor suggested I not only read personal development books but rather to study them, and attempt to understand the idea the writer in conveying to me.

Another wonderfully highlighted self help book that has motivated me into faith in action has been, and still is, The Bible.

The conditioning I am getting about faith and gratitude and patience and love and struggle and endurance and peace and joy and contribution I am getting from reading The Book... is been beyond words.

It's motivational reads like these that inspire me into action and take me from a point of faith, to a point of KNOWING.

Maybe the recent grateful trip over the Avalon cemetery to 'meet up' with my grandfather, and relatives my father has successfully managed to source out - who has long since passed gave me the nudge I needed to surrender to it all.

"Never die with your music still inside you." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

To literally kneel and have a conversation with the dead...a conversation with my ancestors...a Conversation with God, about nothing...about everything.

And just release the negativity and trust, to just release and trust while all the while being grateful.

So my suggestion to you is to affirm the person you would like to become.

The type of person who would attract the things that YOU want.

And maybe if even, in less than a month if you are committed and emotionally involved with your goals, attract something you thought was impossible for you to get.

But You would need to put in the work FIRST for the law of attraction to work for You.

I love you.


2011 (c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele. All rights reserved.

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