Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Achieve MORE When You Are Committed To Success Than When You Are Only Just Interested In Success

Picture your brain sending one strong, fixed yet powerful beam that shoots straight into this whirlpool called The Universe.

Try to see this beam as the communication bridge between You and The Universe.

The Universe acknowledges this "Beam of Your Desire" you are transmitting and prepares to give you what you want, in the proportion of your clarity.

Because the Successful are COMMITED to their "Desire Beam" - the bridge between where you are and where you want to be - they hold on to the image of what they want, knowing, with unwavering faith, that The Universe is shifting events and circumstances to make sure that the Successful receive, in the physical, what the see in the spiritual (what you can also refer to as: the mental).

But the UnSuccessful are only INTEREST in what they want, resulting in a half-hearted link to The Universe.

(You might say the UnSuccessfuls have grown to being comfortable with having minimal network coverage with the Source Supply also known as The Universe).

A Bridge or Link that only lasts as much as their hunger for instant gratification or their comfort zone allows.

And due to their lack of Commitment to they goal, as in keeping your eye on the prize regardless of whatever shortfall might befall you, success is kept to a minimum for the UnSuccessful among us.

You must BE Committed to success. Just being Interested will not give you the consistent results you want.

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