Thursday, August 11, 2011

You Must Not Sweat The Small Stuff

I was driving behind a taxi with a bumper sticker that read: "Never Mind."

I took it up to myself to give it a metaphysical interpretation of those two words.

And what come to mind, excuse the pun, was to develop the habit of placing my mind on the things I want, and "Never Minding" the stuff that I don't want.

There a lot of stuff that activates a negative charge within my body.

So much so that I find it strenuous to Give my Mind on the things that make me feel calm and cheerful.

I've been listening to Earl Nightingale timeless The Strangest Secret and I absolutely fell in love with how, amongst other vital success tips, he encourages you to remain calm...and cheerful.

When you have been hoarding negative emotions for long periods, turning your mood to the good might feel like burrowing out of your own tomb.

Truthfully you can snap out of it in less than a 16 seconds in a form of putting on your favorite music, singing, dancing, relaxing to a good book, going out for a walk, I've found that laughter brings me top side immediately.

No matter how dark your days are, never mind them.

Because when you place your mind on them [life's challenges] (without accepting them, allowing them and finding ways to remedy them) you are giving them your energy.

The equivalent of hosing down a burning house with a flame thrower.

The Psychology of Success demands of you to develop a certain kind of mind set.

The kind that encourages you to laugh in the face of pain, suffering and struggle.

It also encourages you to endure.

And to strengthen your faith by saying Thank You when you are hurting.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank You.

I love you always,


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