Friday, September 23, 2011

"Ask And Ye Shall Receive, Seek And Ye Shall Find, Knock And It Shall Be Opened Unto You."

The following is an awesome quote by Robert Collier, author of The Secret of the Ages that I just had to share with You!

"The connecting link between your conscious mind and the Universal is thought, and every thought that is in harmony with progress and good, every thought that is freighted with the right idea, can penetrate to Universal Mind.

"And penetrating to it, it comes back with the power of Universal Mind to accomplish it.

"You don't need to originate the ways and means.

"The Universal Mind knows how to bring about any necessary results.

"There is but one right way to solve any given problem.

"When your human judgment is unable to decide what that one right way is, turn to Universal Mind for guidance.

"You need never fear the outcome, for if you heed its advice you cannot go wrong."

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PS: "Always remember - your mind is but a conductor - good or poor as you make it - for the power of Universal Mind." ~ Robert Collier, author of The Secret of the Ages

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