Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What You Lack In Skill You Can Make Up With Persistence

"I will not lose." - Jay Z aka Shawn Corey Carter: Musician, Songwriter, Entrepeneur.

In truth, your persistence develops your skill.

Les Brown can illustrate it for you best in this inspirational, true story.

Most people do not achieve what they call success because they lack persistence, maybe you too, at times, fall under this category.

I know I have.

What sucks even more is when the people who are close to you keep telling you to stop trying, to stop dreaming, to stop hurting yourself with something that you will never achieve.

Some might even go as far as telling how YOU won't make it because THEY never did.

Leaving you wondering if by even trying to go for what you want, and going against their "advice", you might be risking your relationship with them.

As if you are being given an ultimatum: "Choose our friendship and remain uhappy or Choose happiness and lose our friendship."

I tell you this, a true friend will always, in all ways, want you to be happy, whoever doesn't is not a friend.

It fascinates me how some people will rather settle for unhappiness and failure than to risk what they define in their heads as humiliation.

The dreaded "I told you so" syndrome.

That is why I recommend you hang out less with people that discourage you, and surround yourself more with people, books, audios, articles, seminars, events, TV and radio programmes, etc, that support YOU.

The very people you care about, could be the very people that are holding you back.

So spend less time with them.

Who you associates with the most influences the level of your success.

Jim Rohn said it best when he said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

Now coming back to how your persistence can lead to your success, I hope this Jay Z story inspires you to motivation like it did for me.



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