Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Whole Is The Sum Of All The Parts, Complete All The Parts, And You Will Conquer The Whole

I mastered up the courage today, by force of will, to wash my Hatchback Fiat Palio 2007 Model 2L 5-door car.

I was overwhelmed by the task at first.

That was the reason why I put it of for another day.

Tomorrow become a week.

And the dirt just kept piling up, which does not look too awesome on a black car.

It's as if the black paint magnified and exaggerated the dirt.

I then took my mind off why I didn't want to wash my car, and turned it to getting the job than, no matter what it took.

But what really help was how I focused on one panel at a time.

From the roof.

To the rear right door, the front right door, the right fender, the wind screen, the bonnet, the grill, etc.

Focusing on one job a time.

Giving each part undivided attention, making certain that it is cleaned to my high standards, and not moving on to the next part until that objective has been met.

My car is washed and clean now.

I thank God for the lesson I learned today.

"How do you eat an elephant?"

"One bite at a time."



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