Friday, September 16, 2011

Your Consistency Will Determine Your Efficiency

I was watching a bad TV series and found that what pissed me off so much was their lack of consistency.

The one moment, the US Marshalls were hand cuffing a murderer, while she was on the ground.

Then in the next scene, as they were picking her up, she DIDN'T have the handcuffs on!??

Why did the director think I would miss that??

Low quality shows give a bad name to TV, because some of them lack consistency.

That had me thinking, could the quality of your life also be the result of your lack of consistency too?

Consistency in your determined, unstoppable attitude towards your goals, to name just ONE daily discipline.

I've seen people that gave up because they were not seeing the results of their tiresome efforts towards accomplishing a goal they wanted for themselves.

They didn't realize that life rewards consistency of action.

Even the guy in the movie "Transformers" knew this natural law.

"No sacrifice, no glory."

The law of reaping and sowing...

Yours in relentless persistence,


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