Thursday, October 27, 2011

Humble Yourself To The Process Of Receiving By Letting Go Of The "How" It Would Come To You, And Focus On The "What"

I don't recall what school of thought it was that said awareness is the first step towards healing.

Identifying that "The Devil" exists within limiting beliefs (anxiety, doubt, worry, fear, procrastination, criticism, etc) makes you a better manipulator of energy.

By going within regularly, and entering into a state of prayer, requesting and believing that Divine Spirit snaps away the invisible, mental chains that stop us from better life circumstances, you immediately place yourself in a state of power.

And the more you go within in prayer, or meditating on the change that you are in the process of receiving without, the more powerful you will become in living your life by design, and not by default.

"Be Still, and KNOW, that I am God."




Stacey said...

A great reminder. Surrender all and allow the Universe to orchestrate the details!

Musa said...

It is in your moments of silence that you hear from your infinite intelligence, your Soul Intelligence.

Thank you Stacey =)