Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just When You Thought Things Couldn't Get More Worse, They Don't

As some of you know this is, at a metaphysical level, not true.

Whether it be on a conscious level (with you being aware) or at an unconscious level (with you being unaware), you attract what you think about most of the time.

You attract it even faster when there is a powerful emotion attached to what you are thinking about.

Your emotions play a major factor in this law of attraction business.

Because if you are not careful, and you feel bad feelings while thinking about a particular issue, you will attract almost negative event, people and thing under the sun that is similar and supports your negative emotion.

It is therefore not so much about attracting what you think about, as it is about attracting HOW YOU FEEL as you are thinking about whatever it is that is dominating your mind.

In short:

#1. It is Your Emotion that Pulls things, people, events to you.

#2. Your thoughts (your mental image) can become overruled by your emotion.

Say for instance you are thinking about something that will benefit you, but you have a powerful feeling of not deserving it, then the universe will find anything that will support and expand your negative vibration/ emotion instead of the thing you want.

Your emotions are more powerful than your thoughts.

That is why when you think about wanting more money, but feeling feelings of the lack of it, you end up attracting debt.

The alignment of your thought image and the feelings you will feel once you have received your thought image, is key!

Like vibration attracts like vibration.

#3. I repeat, your thoughts are most effective when what you feel, matches what you are thinking about.

What W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Rich called the "Concentration Of Thought" or "Controlled Thinking," in their book "Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude."

It is then that your thought will act as a rudder, directing you closer and closer to what you are thinking about.

Like in the case of you acting as if you have already received what you are desiring.

That "feel-good," "I am MORE" state, of imagining how it we feel like, how it would taste like, how it would smell like, what you would hear and what you will see once you get what you want, is the state that most do not have control over.

And that is why some of us, the top 1 percent the Occupy Wall Street protesters are campaigning against, attracts by design.

While most of us attract by default.

Find out how you can get in the habit of controlling your thinking and how to best manage your emotion from two of the Greatest American Success Coaches of all time, W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill in "Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude."

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