Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Are Your Top 10 Goals You Would Like To Achieve In A Perfect World?

Action Exercise:

Put pen to paper of the top ten goals you would like to see yourself achieving within the next 12 months.

If you had no bounds, if you had a magic genie in a lamp who, this time around, can grant not only three but TEN WISHES for you, what would they be?

Things that could have you spending sleepless nights.

Things that bother and concern you.

What would need to happen for them to be eleviated from your life?

No matter how "unrealistic" they may sound to you, if you want to see it happen, write it down. This is YOUR PERSONAL GOAL LIST.

Noone has to see it.

The fear of being criticized is one of the things that choke people from succeeding.

"You gotta dream, you gotta protect it. People can do something themselves they wanna tell you, "You can't do it." If you want something, go get it. Period!" - Will Smith playing Chris Gardner, talking to his son about going for your dreams, in the movie The Pursuit Of Happyness.

It's one of the six basic fears that Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think And Grow Rich.

To help you with this list you can do this technique I first read in Dr. Joe Vitale's book Spiritual Marketing:

#1. On the first sheet of paper write up all the things that you don't like, things that are making you feel bad in your life.

#2. On the second sheet of paper, using the first sheet as a reference, write the opposite of what you would rather have in your life, for example, on the first sheet you wrote "I don't like how my car keeps breaking down on me."

Now you write "I want a new car."

The book Spiritual Marketing then goes on to say you need to destroy the first sheet of paper, then, using your second goal list, take up sheet # 3 and write up all your goals in the present tense.

You can beginning your statements with "I am so thankful now that..." affirmations, and then carrying around this 3rd upgraded personal, present, precise goal list with in every where you go.

The idea is for you to take your attention off the things you don't want and on to the pleasure of thinking about the things that you DO want.


Step #1: Make a list of the things you do not want on sheet # 1.

Step #2: Using sheet # 1, write all the things you DO want on sheet #2.

Step #3: Then destroy, tear up, burn your sheet # 1. It is not a reflection of you any more.

Step #4: Using your sheet # 2, write personal, present tense and precise goals.

Be as clear as possible because vague request like "I want more money" produce vague reponse, "You want more money? Here's an extra ten rands."

Step #5: Carry your list around and trust the Universe to attract opportunities for you to take action on, for you to get the things you wrote on your list.

Trust, be aware and act!

Bonus Step #6: Be receptive. Be in the emotional state of the person you will be once your goals on your goal list have been achieved.

You can do this by reading inspiring articles, motivational books, listening to self help audio programs regularly.

Even YouTube has goal achieving tips that will keep you from blocking the good that you are attracting.

Aim for the top ten goals (minimum) you would like to see achieved within the next 12 months - this is your opportunity to dream so let loose!

Be like a kid again.

Matthew 18:3,"Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven..."



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