Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What You Vibrate About You Bring About

"The meaning you give the event, is the event." - Deepak Chopra

Read and do and reread and do the things that Napoleon Hill suggests you do in "Think And Grow Rich" and you will find that in that book, all that Hill was on about was about controlling your vibration.

And once you adjust, on a daily basis, your "vibrational" tone, you could attract the things of similar vibration towards you.

To Napoleon Hill, life is more fluid than it is solid.

The sooner you start interacting with the physical, "knock on wood" stuff, as the effect and begin to see the non-physical as cause, the more successful you will become.

Your daily persistence in integrating all thirteen principles Napoleon Hill wrote in "Think And Grow Rich
" will give you the different perspective you need, in your approach to changing your life for the better, one day at a time.

Because it is your thought, your emotion, your action towards something that produces results.

Perception is everything.

It's a matter of working on directing your thinking, your feelings and your behavior in producing more of the results that will be of benefit to you.

"Work harder on yourself than you do on your work." - Jim Rohn.



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