Thursday, October 20, 2011

You Need To Follow Up Your Prayers To God With God-Inspired Action

You might have heard/ read this before but humorous as it might be, in it lies the joke that people play on themselves, of wanting things to change on their own.

"The Universe rewards action." - Dr. Joe Vitale

Moses kept praying to God to win the lottery.

That week he found a dollar on the street and he donated it to charity to show God he is worthy.

The lottery came and went and he didn't win.

So the next week he prayed again, "Please God, let me win the lottery."

He found an extra dollar in his wallet, and decided to donate it to charity.

Again, the lottery came and went.

The third week, he prayed harder "Oh wonderful God, I will feed the hungry and save the whales, just please let me win the lottery."

That week some strange man approached him on the streets and handed him a dollar and again Moses donated it to charity.

The lottery numbers were drawn, and Moses did not win.

The next week Moses was ready to give up, he prayed again.

"God, I have prayed and been good. Why have I not won the lottery?" 

To his amazement, God spoke to him: "Moses, meet me half way. Go buy a ticket."



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