Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Outward Success Is Determined By Your Inward Attitude About Your Ability To Succeed

Musa would like to thank the co-founder of the brilliant Anti ClockWise Designs for this life enriching "Choose Day" message that he sent via my BlackBerry Messenger.

"With a great attitude we can turn obstacles into opportunities and struggles into success.

We subconsciously choose our attitude every moment of every day.

We need to become conscious of our attitudes though, because it is easy to react to challenges with a destructive attitude.

We can then make the situation worse.

But with a constructive attitude, one that is open, teachable, gracious, understanding and co-operative, we will come through the challenge a stronger person, more reliable and a greater asset.
Start being aware of your attitude towards different people and situations.

Is your attitude helping you win or lose?


    I choose to have a great attitude

    I face challenges with enthusiasm

    Today is a fantastic day

Choose your attitude well.

Happy Choose Day!"

Yours in Love,


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