Friday, November 4, 2011

Now That You Know Your Goal, Emotionally Align Yourself To Having Received It

Jerry had a card that he kept in his wallet of goals.

And a friend said,"Do you still keep that card in your wallet? Are you still setting goals in that way?"
And Jerry said, "No. I don't set goals. I have a different understanding now. Everything I want just comes. I realize I put the stuff in my vortex long ago, and now my work is different."
And we want to say, "you've already put all of that into your vortex. And now your work is aligning vibrationally with what you put there. And when you do, satisfaction is immediate."

5/29/10 Stamford, CT: Abraham-Hicks of



PS: And not only will this enlighten YOU about what the vortex is, but it will get you HOOKED on it!!

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