Monday, November 21, 2011

When You Become Conscious (So It Is Without) , You Realize That Everything You Are Experiencing Is Because Of Your Subconscious (As Within)

"We don’t trust car salesmen because we know
they’re typically more concerned with what
they’re getting out of the deal than with
meeting our needs.

"Then why do we throw our money to anyone
who calls him- or herself a “financial planner” — who also
works solely on commission (and usually sells only one or two products)?"

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As common as it is, this is a backward approach to business/ service.

It might be hard to get your head around this because you might have been, because I definitely was, taught that it's All about the money.

But if this is true, and you are doing all you can to GET the money, then why DOESN'T the money COME?

Well, could it be that maybe it's really NOT about the MONEY...?

As mentioned in a previous post that your alignment with your desires is really the determining factor in how quickly that which you desire will come to you.

If you are feeling negative about what you want, desiring but complaining about not having received it, then you are not one with your desire.

You are out of harmony with what you want to come in to your physical life experience.

But if you are wanting and feeling good about the possibility of its coming, feeling hopeful, feeling calm and cheerful, feeling grateful about the things YOU already HAVE - as an excuse to get you in alignment with what you are in the process of attracting - then opportunities rush at you to fulfill you abundant feeling state.

This is the true meaning of the axiom that I'm sure you might have heard of in that "God helps those who help themselves."

You need to train yourself to be in the vibration of allowing (positive mental and physical state) more often that you are in a repulsive vibration - a negative mental and physical state.

Take control of what you think and say and do because these tools create your life, eventually.

Because if you do not, this is uncommonly known as creating by default.




Rochelle said...

Truly love your blog. You are an amazing writer. :) ciao.

Musa said...

Thank you Rochelle.

I'm loving your very informative weblogs too!

They are eye opening ☺