Monday, November 28, 2011

You Are What You Believe

“This is one of the greatest laws in the universe. Fervently do I wish that I’d discovered it as a very young man? It dawned upon me much later in life. And I’ve found it to be one of the greatest if not my greatest discovery outside my relationship to God. And the great law briefly and simply stated is that if you think in negative terms you will get negative results. If you think in positive terms, you will achieve positive results. That is the simple fact, which is the basis of an astonishing law of prosperity and success. In three words:  BELIEVE AND SUCCEED!
~ Norman Vincent Peale, author of
"Power of Positive Thinking"

You attract who you are.

And the essence of who you are, I believe, is a Problem-Solver.

And you wouldn't be a problem-solver if you did not attract problems, to solve, to your Self.

Once you have attracted a solution for one thing, another issue will arise to take its place, for you to solve.

This is all in the name of your growth and mastering your skill to create.

You are a creative being.

Joe Vitale said it best when he said "You always get what you unconsciously believe and expect."

The sooner you get your head around ACCEPTING that you will ALWAYS encounter challenges in your life, the faster you can move into the mindset of taking one hundred percent responsibility for your life and creating and attracting solutions to meet your challenges.

You will be simultaneously contributing to the growth and expansion of the universe.

And the universe will reward you for your contribution towards its expansion.

All of life appreciates (makes bigger) and if you are a willing agent in its advancement - in service to others - the universe WILL, in one way or another, reward you.

And the more you Give, the more you Receive.

It is law.

The less you Give, the less you will Receive.

"What you don't use, you lose."

It is law.

So Sincerely Give More because your sincerity gives the universe the impression that you have more to give, and it will thus provide you with means for you to give more - all because of you acting as if you already have, through your act of Generosity.

In Abraham's words - of Abraham-Hicks teachings - "You should have fun with this."

You don't necessarily HAVE TO DONATE only in terms of your MONEY - even though if you genuinely give, without the thought of getting anything in return, more will be received by YOU.

Money Tip: Why do you think I left you a place for you to practice your abundance-giving via the Paypal donation button on the top right hand corner of this blog?

Keep in mind though that when you give, expecting something in return, you are limiting the amount of abundance that may come your way.

Give like you have more - Act As If - and more will be given to you, for you to give more, for more to be given to you, for you to give more, for more to be given to you, for you to give more...and so the upward prosperity cycle continues.

Yes. You would be correct in coming to the conclusion that when you give to others, you are, in fact, giving to yourself.

Giving is not limited to money though, you can give to others in your talents, your time, your experience and a variety of forms you can think of.

The idea is for you to feel good enriching the other person's life through your kind gesture of generosity.

If you want more, give more.



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