Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Need To Trust The Process

Your ability to write your goals down, as in your intended outcomes and not "how" you aim to accomplish them, could sometimes be all you need to achieved them.

The only catch I've found is in your ability to TRUST in the Power of Written Goals.

Out of the "impossible" eighty goals I wrote down a month ago, I've managed to achieve sixteen of them.

Is that a 20% goal achieving rate?

Some of them (your goals) needed me to TAKE inspired ACTION to achieved them, some of them didn't, but you will never know what benefits this simple, life changing process can have in your life unless you try it out for yourself!

It's as simple as you taking a blank piece of paper and writing down what you would like to see happen for you in your life.

Adidas were right, Impossible is nothing, so write down goals that you would like to see happen, no matter how "impossible" you think they are for you.

And keep this goal list private, there is no need for you to share it with anyone else.

Have fun.


Find pleasure in this process as you take the time to write out exactly the way you want things to be.

Don't feel anxious or dread or doubt or worry or fear about HOW they will come to you, leave that to the universe.

Your aim is to find pleasure in this process and for you to be calm and cheerful as you allow yourself to dream ^_^

Write down your goals, review them daily, edit them for clarity if you want to (the clearer your goals are the fast they become accomplished) and take action, if you feel inspired to, towards their accomplishment.

Leave the HOW to the universe, to God, you just need to be crystal clear on the WHAT.

Yours in goal setting and goal achieving,


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