Thursday, December 15, 2011

"The Fastest Way to Achieve Your Goals is to Stay On Purpose"

"It read: Production minus sales equals scrap.

"The executive noted, "Even valuable ideas can wind up on the scrap heap just because they weren't sold."

I wanted to send you an affiliate link recommending you to buy, read and USE this book I just picked up by Spencer Johnson (co-author of The One Minute Manager) and Larry Wilson. It's just that I have not finished reading it yet so I'm a bit apprehensive about the referral...

So far, it's an AWESOME book.

It's called The One Minute Sales Person The Quickest Way to More Sales with Less Stress.

It touches on how EVERY successful person is essentially a good sales person.

You see for me, I see "sales" as a character attribute that will help you to sell YOURSELF better, more than it is you selling products or services.

And The One Minute Sales Person The Quickest Way to More Sales with Less Stress touches on why that is EXACLTY the case.

Ask yourself:

How do you convince your kids to clean their rooms?

How best can you convince a potential employer that you are the best person for the job?

How do you bring about the relevant points of a presentation or deal you what to clinch?

You can do all this, and more, by being a better "sales person."

"Behind every sale is a PERSON."

How can you best influence your friends to go watch movie or try out this new restaurant you've just seen?

These skills fall under the "sales" umbrella and I believe there is no better time, in the world economy, than now where business (the money) needs more sales people.

The better your pitch, the higher the chances of you getting money...keeping in mind that money doesn't solve problems. It (money) just gives you more options, which extenuates who you are.



PS: No, I've thought about it. And I've decided that YOU NEED to get this BOOK!

I will give you the retail price it is selling for on below for you to see whether you would be able to invest in it if you can.

You too are involved in sales, not in the usual sense, but you sell your ideas to others on a daily basis.

And this makes you a successful person in your work or whatever it is that you do.

"The "Wonderful Paradox"

I have more fun and enjoy
More financial success

When I stop trying to
Get what I want

And start helping other people
Get what they want.

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