Saturday, December 24, 2011

If Your Direct Efforts Are Getting You Nowhere, You Should Try Going At Them Indirectly

The Law of Indirect Effort, with regards to your health for examples, means that you don't get sick because you are sick.

Your sickness is a secondary factor. It is the effect.

You would need to get to the CAUSE of your problem.

With the Law of Indirect Effort you don't achieve what you want directly, but indirectly.

In the case above, you don't tackle the issue of sickness directly.

You tackle it at the CAUSE of the sickness.

When you only attack the symptoms, the sickness is bound to return.

It is only when you tackle both the symptoms and the root CAUSE of the symptoms that you are then in a more guaranteed road to better health.

If your direct effort is not giving you the results you want, look to how your indirect efforts might be the out-of-the-box method your are looking for to solving your problems.



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