Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When You Use The News As The World's Barometer, You Are Sure To Eventually Become A Pessimist

You know on facebook when you comment on someone's status and then you end up having a whole discussion with someone who made a comment on what YOU commented on?

I had one of those yesterday, and she brought up some valid points...even though I agreed to disagree with her.

I was of the stand point that with the news (radio and TV) and media (advertising to even TV programmes) all perpetuate the negative issues of the world to such a point, that you could be led to believe that there are more bad things happening in the world than the good.

Her response was that things ARE like that - there being more bad than good - hence the "negative world" bias we keep hearing people talking about.

You see, that what Bob Proctor has explained to me as being called a Paradigm.

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