Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just 'Cause You Get It Faster Only Means There Is More For You To Respond To - The New Slaves of the New Millennium

Going over a Tim Ferris book I wrote for you here it hit me how unproductive Instant Messaging (IM) can be.

I'm not writing off its usefulness as I'm sure you've heard stories about how it can also be used to save lives.

What doesn't fly with me is how it takes precedents over everything we do, and if you and I keep this up, we might find ourselves at a place where we value our cyber connections more than we do our physical interactions with "real" ("I-see-you-I-can-touch-you" kinda real) people.

I wouldn't be surprise that there are people out there who cringe at the thought of having a verbal interaction with someone new, over the pleasure that comes to following strangers who barely even notice or chat to you on Twitter or Facebook.

I repeat, I am not gunning down technology. You can't take away the GROUND BREAKING breakthroughs that most of us in prosperous countries in the world have the luxury of enjoying.

And if you are amongst the successfulls out there who are excited by busy being busy, then crackberry away.

But if you want to be more effective and less efficient, a principle that Timothy Ferris will explain to you thoroughly in The 4 Hour Workweek that you can get from, then you will see that the 20% of the things you do count for 80% of the results you get.

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