Friday, January 20, 2012

Neville Goddard and Why Imagining Creates Reality

Bob Proctor was once told that, "You haven't truly understood something until you have taught it to someone else and made THEM understand."

I guess this must be true after trying to explain to my aunt, who owns a successful Bed & Breakfast, how she must "think from her imaginative state" and to "not think of her imaginative state."

This state I am referring to is an emotional, environmental, physical, intellectual state that you would imagine you would imagine yourself in once you have achieved your desired life circumstance.

By just visualizing the end result of your intended goal you would be just "thinking of it."

Neville Goddard in his The Law and The Promise - You can Get It on Amazon, suggests you "think from" your intended goal from the point of having accomplished that which you desire.

It is from this point that you active the invisible yet powerful laws, much like the law of gravity, that seem to some how shape life's inner mechanics to casually produce your ultimate imaginative state as your physical reality.

And from practical and real-world experimentation of this creative principle from a number of people Neville has lectured to or who have read his book, their is no doubt to his claim on how practiced (sensory) imagining creates reality.

Now to the part of me giving you an example, a challenge to you if I may.

Of firstly,

#1. Identifying exactly what you want out of life.

Pick one particular concern that you would love to solve and conquer. The more precise you are with this identification, the happier you will be once you have received it.

A vague request or goal will produce, to your dismay, a vague result.

No I'm not asking you to think about how it's giving you sleepless nights here, all I'm asking is, if you had a magic ward to set things YOUR way, how would you like it?


#2. See yourself in your imagination touching or tasting or smelling or feeling or hearing or seeing (Neville Goddard recommends all of the above) yourself from that imaginative state of being you have just created in your mind.

Dr. Joe Vitale coined this as Nevillizing Your Goalsin a chapter he has written in his free ebook "Attract Money NOW!" available @

Not only should you just close your eyes and see yourself accomplishing your #1, but being actively involved with:

your sense of smell;

your sense of touch;

your sense of sight;

your sense of taste;

your sense of hearing;

your sense of feeling (joy, relief, happiness, pride, success, excitement, contempt, gratitude, love, etc),

as you are imagining your end result (only your end result) with authenticity.

Make it so real to yourself that you feel in your heart that you are NOW in possession of what you would like to Be, Do, or Have in your life.

This is new, so it is suppose to feel awkward at first. But humor me, and repeat this as often as you can as you include this as your daily success rituals.

We don't grow because we've stopped playing, we've stopped playing and that is why we grow old.


#3. Fall asleep at the peak of this imaginary state you have created for yourself.

The idea is to bypass your "Guard at The Gate" known as your conscious mind, so that you can imprint this desired state into your subconscious, which happens to be your link to our Source Supply who answers each and every "thought image" that you have in your subconscious mind.

It's no wonder your stubborn conscious mind has grown into the habit of rejecting on face value things that you consciously want, but unconsciously find it had to accept.

Since your subconscious is stirred into action by emotion, you need to impregnate it, once you've successfully bypassed the "Guard at the Gate" of your subconscious, with and "emotionalized" image of what YOU want.

Your #1.

You will not achieve (create the events that will lead you to) what you want if you just happen to drop in a image of the end result of what you want, without first having "Nevillized Your Goal."

Think From your imaginary state all throughout your day, and dedicate the last few moments before you to sleep tonight to thinking from the end result of what you want, adding as much clarity and feeling and belief as possible.

At this point imagine yourself until you believe you are actually living your imaginary experience in the NOW.

Then fall asleep in that state.

The more practice you give yourself, the faster your result will come.

Don't focus on the timeline per say (how long it would take for you to manifest this end result in your physical life) but focus on working on the vividness of your #1 as you Nevillize your imaginative state before you fall asleep.

You need to put in the work, before you can earn you keep.

You need to put in the wood first before you receive the fire.

And that is what I understood from what Goddard wrote in "The Law and The Promise" and you can download yourself a copy » here

Yours in Love,



Anonymous said...

I'm trying to use what Neville teaches to grow about six inches taller (I'm in my late 20s, well beyond any natural growth). This is extremely important to me. The difficulty I have is that I can't find a way to think from the state. I have imagined other people saying I was taller, and it worked: at getting other people to say I was taller, not at actually increasing my height. I try to see the world from a taller perspective but that is something very subtle and difficult to do in a way that makes it feel right. Can you suggest a visualization to use for this?

Anonymous said...

try visualizing a scene in your doctors office and having your height measured, a brief conversation about your recent growth..converse back and forth mentally about the fact that this has can add in phrases like the doctor saying i have seen this before but it is are completely healthy and make sure more than anything that you repeat your scenario multiple times every time that you sit down to visualize this..because this is what will instill in you the feeling that it is real, and as you know once you achieve that feeling it manifests..i think anything concerning the body that one visualizes should always include a feeling or words that include you are healthy etc..that is my own opinion...but none the less, this congratulatory conversation should work if done often. :)