Thursday, January 5, 2012

See All The People That Are Making Life Hard For You As Your Teachers

You might as well give them a positive meaning.

Because allowing them to get you worked up like they do will not improve a thing in your life.

Yes, even Tony Robbins has told you that pain is a motivating factor in our lives, and I'm telling you to use your pain to give the cause of the pain a new meaning.

In your journey in life you will find people that don't like you (go figure), and who are not afraid to express this disliking for you.

I propose that you see them as your teachers.

And their purpose in life is to continue to teach you lessons or skills you would need later in your life.

YOUR purpose is learn these hidden lessons within the antagonism, and once you do, these "teachers" of yours will stop teaching.

They won't bother you as much as they did.

Note that if the relationship is making you sick and tired, change you first.

And if it's STILL bad then you need to get out.

Because if you don't solve YOU first, chances are that you will carry your baggage into the next relationship, only to yet again blame your partner for your unhappiness...

I love you though *smiles*

Early morning tomorrow so I'm calling it a night - it's 10.05pm as I write this.

Sweet dreams.

Yours in gratitude,


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