Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You Have The Power to Create Worlds

I've been experimenting on a theory that Neville Goddard wrote about in his "The Law and The Promise" book which you can have a look see here » http://musa23.blogspot.com/2012/01/neville-goddard-and-why-imagining.html?m=1

Neville Goddard has entries in this book with letters from people who actually proved his claim that your intense Imagining Creates Your Reality.

If I haven't lost you by now then you are open to the idea that You Create By the Power of Your Intention - See Jim Carrey (the actor and comedian) on the Power of Intention [Vid]

Like any new success principle your commitment to yourself is the key element to your success.

"For the principle to work you need to work the principle." ~ Jack Canfield, author of "The Success Principles - How to Get From Where you Are to Where You Want to Be"

Have an Amazing, Goal Achieving week ahead!

I love you.


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