Thursday, January 19, 2012

Your Imagination Is The Preview Of Life's ForthComing Events

Quoted from "Neville Goddard Book Club" Facebook Fan Page:

An affirmative thought is a hundred times more powerful than a negative thought.

You attract what you focus you mind on.

My Question to you is this, what are you focusing your mind on now?

I hope you are focusing your mind on something fantastic.

I am the masterpiece of my life.

Let your imagination run wild.

Design your heaven on earth.

Don't wait to go to heaven.

Bring your heaven to earth now.

What do you care what Mr reason and Mrs logic has to say about anything.

Focus on your mind on something out of this world.

Dream big dreams.

Scientists have told us we use less than 10% of our brain power.

Actually the truth is we use less than 10% of the power of imagination.

Imagination is reality.
~ Neville Goddard, author of The Law and The Promise.

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Thank you.

I love you.


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