Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Script Are You Playing Today & Does It Benefit You?

Feeling awful has its place.

The majority of us are not conscious enough yet to see the Truth behind the painful events in our lives for what they really are, so it's only natural for us to react to them with shock and horror, which sometimes crystallizes into pain.

So it is expected for you to make your body do the things that it does in reaction to these events. Which most of the time equal you feeling bad.

These "triggers" might involve you:

» clutching your teeth,

» breathing short breaths strictly through your nostrils,

» your head tilted on its side resting on your shoulders (for more examples you can scan over yesterday's blog entry),

whatever it is you are doing with your physical body that restricts you from feeling awesome, are your negative triggers that literally TRIGGER your body into a negative state.

What's incredible about this technology is that you also have triggers that trigger you into a POSITIVE feeling state!

To find out what they are and how you can use them for you to "Snap Out Of It:"

Number 1: talk to a friend or a mirror about something you are really passionate about, be it a movie, be it an outfit, be it your favorite restaurant, series, book, etc.

But do this from the state of feeling depressed.

Speak slowly and uninterested and softly, with your head down, etc.

Number 2: shake out of that state and move to the most excited, the most enthusiastic, the most passionate, the energized state you have ever been!!

Talking to your friend or mirror with so much zeal and ecstasy oozing through your pores like you are ready to EXPLODE just thinking about it!!!

Number 3: make a list of what your physical gestures where when you were in that AWESOME feeling state. These are your personal, unique, custom-fit triggers.

You can literally gesture the way you do when you are high on life and, no matter what "low-level" state you are in, you will literally power through into your super-charged powerful self!

The results speak for their selves, you can try it now:

» read aloud the last paragraph with your head down and to the side, and with your shoulders slouching.

» now read the same paragraph with your shoulders back, chin up with your head facing directly in front of you, and with a smile on your face.

Feeling sad is human, but when you have long periods of sadness, well, that is where the problem lies.

This is just one of the processes Tony "Birthday Boy" Robbins suggested we use via his 30 Day audio program Personal Power II: The Driving Force!

I love you.

Thank you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS: Happy 13th Birthday Tony Robbins!! You can check and even share your birthday wishes and how Tony has touched your life through his Fabcebook page

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