Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What to Do When You're Feeling Depressed...

...change your state.

What do you mean you ask.

This is a concept introduced to me by Tony Robbins through his audio program Personal Power II available to you via Amazon.

Tony Robbins reckons that how you carry yourself has a direct link to how you are feeling.

And when you change the positioning of your body, you some how also change the mood you are in.

Tony - you can follow him on @tonyrobbins - goes on to make examples of what he means, by asking you to describe how a person who is feeling depressed would look like to you.

Is their head looking up or down?

Is their shoulders open or slouching?

Is their voice projection excited and energized or slow and defeated?

Do they walk faster or seem to be dragging their feet?

Are they smiling or pouting?

Is their breathing full or shallow?

I'm sure you would know a depressed person the instant you see them because you would see how their "state" is.

It's not empowering.

So Mr Robbins suggests you:

#1. Remember a time when you where excited, in the flow, happy, laughing, joyful and just feeling phenomenal and,

#2. Write down what are the things you did when you where in that powerful state.

Where your eyes wider?

Did you talk faster?

Did you talk louder?

Did you use your hands a lot?

Did you use your body a lot?

Did you smile more?

These will are known as your triggers.

Everyone is different so what I do could be different from what YOU do when you where in that enriching state.

Once you know your triggers, you can then use them to change how you feel, by simply changing the state of your physiology.

That's why exercising is such a good thing for you if you're not feeling too awesome because when you exercise, you change what your body is doing. Therefore de-activating the triggers that put you in a depressing state.

It's when you FEEL better that you Do better.

I love you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS: Have you heard how Tony got Oprah to do the fire walk? See post.

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