Monday, February 13, 2012

Why You Need to Be on Purpose If Your Goal is to Achieve Lasting Happiness

You remember that scientist from The Secret mentioning how we are now entering the Psychozoic Age - the age of the mind?

And how man not only becomes what he thinks about the most, but also attracts what he thinks about the most?

I think that's a pretty neat concept don't you?
It had me thinking...

So like if you allow thoughts of worry and concern in your mind, you then also attract to yourself more opportunities & things for you to worry and be concerned about.

This principle will also work for you when you flip it over.

If you allow thoughts of hope and faith in your mind, you then also attract to yourself more opportunities & things to you in accordance to your hope and your faith.

Faith equals the ability for you to believe in the unseen.

I've come to see that your faith and your vision play hand in hand.

Vision equals visualizing an ideal you see yourself in before it has been realized - the things you want to see yourself becoming, doing and having.

When you have a clear vision of the person you want to be seen as, your chances of becoming that person increase.

The level of your success increases when you are on purpose.

When you make it your intent to be, do, have the things YOU see in your mind's eye, with you making plans that you will take action on to getting the things you want for yourself, chances are high that you will get the things you want in your life.

Just thought I should share the thought with you.

Have an amazing week ahead!!


Musa Tshoaele

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