Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You Gotta Make It Work FOR You!

Jack Canfield said you need to adopt the thinking that the universe is conspiring FOR you.

So all the difficulties and frustration and hiccups you come across are actually ways the universe is nudging you in the direction, and circumstances, that will lead you to the things you have written on your goal list.

So embrace it all, because the things that are happening now in your life are leading you to the opportunity that is the gateway to your success.

But don't just sit and endure. Ask yourself what massive action should you take in order to make things right for you.

When you receive the answer, you need to Take That Action!

Successfully yours,

~ Musa

PS: Been checking out Shelby Collinge's site lately, and I'm sure you too will enjoy the free audio she has for you at http://www.ShelbyCollinge.com

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